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GETV Online Campus is a time for us to tune in to teachings/preachings from Samuel Kalala. We hope you read the description below and subscribe to our youtube channel.

Greatly Empowered is a YouTube Evangelical show that teaches and preaches about Jesus Christ. It's mission is to let people see God in a brand new dynamic way. The show has already had an impressive reputation with more then 1,000 video views in total of all our episodes, more then 20 subscribers and also great material that is being put in the show. This is the core of M.S.K Ministries, to bring out Christian programming that helps influences all ages it doesn't matter what range. We are sure that you will be blessed and be empowered by God's word. The show is hosted by Samuel Kalala the President/Executive Director of M.S.K Ministries.

Host: Samuel Kalala
Executive Producer: Samuel Kalala