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CEO/Senior Executive/Lead Preacher

Muleba Samuel Kalala

Our Leader/Preacher Samuel Kalala is a man of many titles. This man has ran a charity, a online magazine, a online christian network, a online radio and so many other great establishments. At this time, he has left all that behind to focus on preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At this very moment, he is going through his 6th year of ministry and has more huge plans for the future in his ministry, he has appeared on his own online magazine cover two times, been invited to pray at Toronto District School Board Luncheon Summits,was the host of the 2009 International Equity Conference and received a gold medal for competing at the 2013 TDSB South East Skills Canada Competition for prepared speech. The Lord has truly used Samuel for his glory and so at this moment we know that God will continue to do great things through Muleba Samuel Kalala. Also along with that Samuel is the host of the Borden BTI morning announcements.